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“The only music I love is good music, the only music I don’t love is bad music. Doesn’t matter the genre, just has to be good.

My life has been saturated with all styles of music.”

Born With The Music...


Jus’ Kyle has been saturated from childhood throughout his life with love and an ear for good music. 


Jus’ Kyle was born in Watertown, NY, and raised in a working family. His father was a driver of an

Eighteen Wheeler, an over-the-road trucker, and his mother is a nurse. 


Kyle found peace and tranquility as a child by singing, and by listening, trying to sing like the

artists on the radio as a child when he was alone. 


Kyle worked odd jobs during the day and at night he would scout out bars that had live entertainment and

would sing with the bands.  His love of music had become part of him.  When people would ask him who he was, 

he would smile and say Jus’ Kyle.  He wanted people to know him, and when he realized that name was

attractive and mysterious when he would respond as, Jus’ Kyle.


After High School, Kyle went into the United States Marines. He was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. 


Through the drama of combat, gunfire, and IED’s, his music and singing under fire to keep his mind alert under fire. 

His lifetime friend, “music”, gave him a positive mind which kept him steady, just singing, that also kept his Squad calm. 

I realized further, that the power of music can change the world. 


As he was back in his quarters, when he was lying on his bunk, and just thinking, it was revealed to him, that was

how he got through the toughest times in his life. Even when his parents’ house caught fire, he got everyone

up and got them outside to safety. The house was literally burned to the ground. 


Jus’ Kyle is a man “Hard As Steel”, but his heart is calm and his soul is gentle. Jus’ Kyle is a man that has been forged through the fire of life and came out of his many challenges.


The power and strength of music, can change the world.

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